Our exclusive Zodiac Series has been developed using pure Essential Oils that reflect each star sign, along with a meaningful character that reflects the zodiac, & the zodiac colour.

Our essential oils are blended with cold pressed sweet almond oil at the maximum dilution for your health & benefit.

@ only $12.95 it is a perfect gift for a birthday that can only be purchased here at The Women 3!

All bottles contain 12ml, however some labeling is marked 10ml. 


We are not doctors & do not offer any advice for your symptoms. We do however highly recommend essential oils as part of your daily health & well being.

Please always test a small patch on your wrist for any allergic reaction. If a reaction occurs, cease use immediately.

Please note some oils are not suitable for pregnancy, epilepsy & children. You can find a checklist here....


Zodiac Series Essential Oil Blends

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