All natural Fruit & Veggie Wash Concentrate washes away those nasty pesticides that are on all our Fruit & Veggies these days. Unless we can afford organic or pesticide free foods from the supermarkets or fruit & veggies shops, all produce will have pesticides sprayed on them. This Fruit & Veggie wash is an all natural way to quickly rid the nasties from your produce before you or your loved ones take a bite!


Simply 3/4 fill your kitchen sink with water,  place 2 -3 teaspoons of Fruit & Veggie Wash into the water (it should look a little milky) & load all your produce into the water for up to 5 mins. Do not leave any produce in the water for longer than that, we don't want it to go to mush soaking up water.


For apples that usually have a waxy film, rub gently with the Wunda Cloth to help remove wax. You can add a little concentrate to your cloth if the wax is a little stubborn, and rinse thoroughly.


It is important to rinse your produce after soaking, & dry on paper towel or tea-towels before refrigerating. 


Although this is a natural & food safe product it is not to be ingested.


*Bio Cycle and Septic Tank Friendly

*Refillable bottles







Nourish Me Naturally Fruit & Veggie Wash

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