Set of 2 

Get 2 Crochead Mosquito Coil Holders NOW! Want 3 for just an extra $10? Click the " 1 extra for $10" tab in the drop down tab under Please Choose.

Beware: your friends and family will steal them!!

  • Holds broken mozzie coil easily so you don't waste anything!
  • Stainless Steel so it will not rust!
  • Stands, lays or hangs off the ground with ease.
  • Only burn part of a mosquito-coil, by placing Crochead anywhere on the full coil.
  • 7cm x 6.2cm x 3.5cm so it fits a standard mosquito coil.
  • Ideal Gift so yours do not get stolen.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back* promise.
  • Support Aussie Made, 100% Aussie owned and operated so you are keeping jobs here in Oz!

Burning mosquito-coils is one of the most cost effective and popular ways of deterring mozzie bites. It's the way we burn mozzie coils that needs changing. Crochead brings an impossibly simple change that will become an instant classic. Crochead is the ONLY Mosquito Coil Holder Solution!

A note from Crochead Company:

Why My Australian Made Product is ONLY Found at Local Markets and Small Independent Retailers?

The Australian population at large needs to start waking up and looking after the little guys before they all disappear. Use it OR Lose it ~ the local corner shop, the local butcher, the local farmers markets, are all under threat from Big Box Conglomerates.

Retail has been changing for years, the good old days for business is long gone. Big box stores have pushed out all the small independent retailers with their cheap chinese crap. The corner stores have gone, local hardware shops just are not seen near a Bunnings. Your local butcher was gone months ago while Coles pushed their prices DOWN DOWN DOWN. The only thing that went down was your local butchers profits before he had to shut his doors and put his employees out of work.

After being rejected from Ray's Outdoors, BCF, Anaconda, Coles, Woolworths and the Super Retail Group GIANTS, we are determined to take up the battle against Big Box conglomerates. Crochead Pty Ltd can only be found at small independent retailers and local markets stalls. Our locally handmade stainless steel crochead mosquito coil holder has been rejected by these Big Box conglomerates, because.....

  • it is NOT Disposable so you do not break it and need to buy another one.
  • it is NOT Made in CHINA and costs only 2 cents so they can mark it up by 400% and make super profits.
  • it is their choice to not support their local economies who are supporting them.
  • it is all about greed and money - dictating to the market rather than the market dictating to them.

Crochead Pty Ltd has never been pushed to our production potential of 10,000 per week Made by Hand. That's right, 10k per week - By Hand! If our product demand was pushed to its manufacturing capabilities, this would create 3 extra jobs in our local community.

The largest employer in the country is Small Business, if we do not have small business. We will not have an economy! When you support a local businesses you drive the local community and create an economy, a local business is then more likely to spend dollars locally and provide employment to local residents on a long term basis. It really is that simple. #BuyLocal #SupportLocals


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